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Curated by Bruno Latour, Martin Guinard-Terrin, Donato Ricci, Christophe Leclercq.

What do you do when you are disoriented, when the compass of your phone goes haywire? You reset it. The procedure depends on the situation and device, but you always have to stay calm and carefully follow instructions if you want the compass to capture signals again. In this exhibition, we offer you to do something similar: resetting a few of the instruments that allow you to register some of the confusing signals sent by the epoch. Except what we are trying to recalibrate is not as simple as a compass, but this most obscure principle of projection to map out the world, namely Modernity. Modernity was a way to differentiate past and future, North and South, progress and regress, radical and conservative. However, at a time of deep ecological mutation, such a compass is running in wild circles without offering much bearing anymore. This is why it is time for a reset. Let’s pause for a while, follow a procedure and search for different sensors that could allow us to recalibrate our detectors, our instruments, to feel anew where we are and where we might wish to go.

Among the artists in the exhibition are: Tacita Dean, Albrecht Dürer, Charles & Ray Eames, Pierre Huyghe, David Maisel, John Martin, Sophie Ristelhueber, Simon Starling, Thomas Struth, Sarah Sze, Thomas Thwaites, The Unknown Field Division, Jeff Wall.

April 16 – August 21, 2016.

For more information, please visit the ZKM website.

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