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Exhibition Review: “Black Maps: American Landscape and the Apocalyptic Sublime.” March 28, 2013. Stimilli, Davide.

“The prospect the viewer is asked to share, and the proper standard by which to measure Maisel’s vision, in other words, is no longer the all-too-human bird’s-eye view, but the god’s-eye view of Wallace Stevens’ necessary angel, who has inspired Maisel’s work from its inception, as we learn from the magnificent volume that has been released in conjunction with the exhibition. The paradoxical title of both exhibition and book is borrowed, on the other hand, from another American poet, Mark Strand, while the category “apocalyptic sublime” is used to refer to Maisel’s images in their subtitle and in a number of the informative and insightful essays in the book.”

To read the entire review, please visit the Domus Magazine website.

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