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“David Maisel at the Von Lintel Gallery.” Review of solo exhibit. June 27, 2003. Glueck, Grace.

“In “The Lake Project Photographs,” in another room of the gallery, David Maisel also creates abstract imagery, with the aid of a camera and a very cooperative stretch of arid land called Owens Valley in southeastern California. Over decades the diversion of water from its river and lake to the Los Angeles Aqueduct has left an exposed dry salt flat from which emanates a continuous cloud of toxic particles. Recent attempts by the Environmental Protection Agency to control the spread by flooding the area has enhanced the already spectacular aerial views of the valley; Mr. Maisel, noted for his focus on environmental destruction, has been there with his camera. His pictures of erosion, desiccation and other forms of geologic mayhem that are only too photogenic have the force of abstract paintings. They give pleasure despite the horrendous facts that lie behind them.”

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